Aladdin: Platinum Edition
4. Aladdin (1992) (Platinum Edition 2-Disc DVD)
Release Date October 5th, 2004
Region Unknown
Distributor Buena Vista Home Entertainment
No. of Discs 2
Running Time Unknown
Tech. Specifications Unknown
Audio Unknown
Subtitles Unknown
Bonus Material Unknown
Unused Content Unknown

Aladdin: Platinum Edition is the Walt Disney Platinum Edition release of the 1992 animated movie Aladdin. It was released on DVD and VHS on October 5, 2004. The DVD was released as a 2-disc Special Edition, with the 1st disc having the movie, and the 2nd disc having special features.

Back Cover Summary

Soar away on a magic carpet ride of nonstop laughs and thrills in one of the most spectacular adventures of all time! Now meticulously restored and enhanced - experience the wonders of Aladdin like never before, from the Academy Award®-winning music* to the unforgettable moments of sidesplitting comedy and soaring adventure Gene Shalit The Today Show.

In the heart of an enchanted city, a commoner named Aladdin and his mischievous monkey Abu battle to save the free-spirited Princess Jasmine from the schemes of the evil sorcerer Jafar. Aladdin's whole life changes with one rub of a magic lamp as a fun loving, shape-shifting Genie appears and grants him three wishes, setting him on an incredible journey of discovery.

Enter "a whole new world" of entertainment in this astounding, fun-filled 2-disc Special Edition, featuring the deleted song "Proud Of Your Boy," game, movie secrets and so much more - it's everything you could ever wish for!

*Best Original

Disc 1 (Feature film)

Disc 1 includes the movie Aladdin, plus a few previews and some bonus features.

Sneak Peeks

Platinum Edition DVD (shown at beginning):

Coming soon to theaters:

  • Pooh's Heffalump Movie

Coming soon on DVD and video:


  • Jetix~


  • Disneyland Resort~

~Indicates a preview that isn't shown upon starting the DVD, but can be seen in the "Sneak Peek" menu on the DVD.

Bonus features

Deleted songs

  • "Proud Of Your Boy" Original Demo Recording
  • "You Can Count On Me"
  • "Humiliate The Boy"
  • "Why Me"

Deleted Scenes

  • Aladdin & Jasmine's First Meeting
  • Aladdin In The Lamp Of Luxury

Music & More

Music Videos
  • Proud of Your Boy (Performed by Clay Aiken):
    • New Music Video
    • With Original Story Reel
    • Behind-The-Scenes
  • "A Whole New World" (Performed by Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey)
    • New Music Video
    • Behind-the-scenes
  • Original video (Performed by Regina Belle & Peabo Bryson)
Disney Song Selection
  • Arabian Nights
  • One Jump Ahead
  • Friend Like Me
  • Prince Ali
  • A Whole New World

(Play All)

  • Play Movie (With Lyrics On Screen)

Disc 2 (Bonus features, part 2)