Count on Sports
Release Date July 22, 2008
Region 1
Distributor Genius Entertainment
No. of Discs 1
Running Time 44 minutes
Tech. Specifications Full Screen
Audio English
Subtitles English and Spanish
Bonus Material Bonus segment
"Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures" episodes
Unused Content Unknown

Count on Sports is a 2008 Sesame Street direct-to-video compilation which uses sports to emphasize math, relational concepts, and shapes. Ernie anchors the ESPN-style ESSN (Ernie's Sports Show News), assisted by Bert and Bernice. Grover, Prairie Dawn, Elmo, and Murray Monster also appeared as reporters on certain sport event. Vince Carter makes a special appearance in this video.


  1. At the Transylvania Open golf tournament, The Count takes nine hits to get his golf ball out of a sand trap
  2. A soccer player bounce the ball 5 times (taken from Plaza Sésamo)
  3. A soccer player kicks the ball towards the goal to demonstrate above and below (taken from Plaza Sésamo)
  4. Gymnast Dominique Dawes demonstrates up, down, fast and slow (edited).
  5. Kids dance around at gymnastics to "Rockin' Robin" (new vocals by Rosita and Luis).
  6. Song: "Elmo's Riding"
  7. Vince Carter and Grover demonstrate short and tall.
  8. Stop-motion animated cavemen take turns playing basketball.
  9. At the NasCount races, Count Billy Bob Von Count Jr. has his greasemonkey crew work on his car, while he counts each passing car
  10. Elmo's Top Ten Plays of the week
  11. Murray Monster finds shapes in the baseball field
  12. Song: "7th Inning Stretch"
  13. Ernie and Bert interview Sir Harry the Tennis Ball
  14. Song: "Play Ball"
  15. Venus Williams plays imaginary tennis against Elmo

DVD bonus features

  • Elmo practices football and singing the alphabet with four of The New York Jets.
  • "Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures"
  1. Tiny Town
  2. Mountain Climbers
  3. Inventors


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