51YZ7H5F12L. SY445
Release Date March 26th, 2001
Region 2
Distributor Buena Vista Pictures Distribution
No. of Discs 1
Running Time 1 hour and 19 minutes
Tech. Specifications Widescreen
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Audio Region 2: English
Subtitles Region 2: English
English (for the Hearing Impaired)
Bonus Material Audio Commentary
Interactive Games
Behind The Scenes
Orange Blue Music Video
Sneak Peeks
Unused Content None

Dinosaur is a 2D animation movie, created by Walt Disney Pictures and distributed by Buena Vista Pictures Distribution.

Bonus Material

  • Special Audio Features: Audio Commentary
  • "Aladar's Adventure" interactive game
  • "Dinopedia" interactive game
  • "DinoSearch" interactive game
  • Behind-The-Scenes Viewing Mode
  • Orange Blue Music Video
  • Theatrical Trailer

Sneak Peeks

  • "The Kid"
  • "Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure"
  • "Snow White and the Seven Dwafs"
  • "The Hunchback of the Notre Dame II"
  • "Atlantis: The Lost Empire"

Back Cover Summary

Discover an amazing blend of filmmaking technology and brilliant storytelling that only Disney can bring you! DINOSAUR is the remarkable, action-packed story of dinosaurs who must face the challenge of their lives. Along the way, they learn that with courage, hope and loyalty, they can triumph over the greatest of obstacles.

Journey back in time 65 million years, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and meet Aladar, an iguanodon accidentally separated from his own species while still living inside the egg. Luckily he hatches into the loving care of a clan of lemurs, including the wisecracking Zini and the compassionate Pilo. But, when a devastating meteor shower strikes the earth, their home is destroyed, and Aladar and his new family must join a group of dinosaurs on a treacherous journey to the safety of the "nesting grounds".

A special effect phenomenon, DINOSAUR blends live-action photography and computer-generated animation in a jaw-dropping, thrilling story that the whole family will love!


VMGM Menus

VSTM Menus


Title 9 - On Video and DVD/Trailers

Including trailers for the movies "The Kid", "Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure", "The Hunchback of the Notre Dame II" and "Snow White and the Seven Dwafs"


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