Elmo's Alphabet Challenge
Elmo's Alphabet Challenge
Release Date 2012
Region 1
Distributor Warner Home Video
No. of Discs 1
Running Time 98 minutes
Tech. Specifications Widescreen
Audio English
Subtitles English, Spanish
Bonus Material Parent Tips
Alphabet Storybooks
Activity Pages
Unused Content Unknown

Elmo's Alphabet Challenge is a Sesame Street movie that involves alphabet adventures in CGI scenes including the parody of "Guitar Hero".

Back cover summary

Are you up for an alphabet challenge? Abby shows off her new Fairy Fly Pad, but accidentally traps her friends inside the video game world! To get back to Sesame Street, Elmo, Telly and Abby must beat challenges that test their alphabet knowledge!

In this all-new movie full of fun video game spoofs, children will learn tons of alphabet skills!

Special Features

  • Parent Tips
  • Alphabet Storybooks
  • Activity Pages

DVD Extra Files

This DVD contains files from their discs. Click here to view/download the document(s).

Scene Selections

Movie BGM

Main BGM
End Credits BGM

Fanfares & Sounds


Sound effects

SS EAC Magic Sound effect
Magic Transition


VSTM Menus


Title 4 - Sesame Workshop

Title 6-9 - Parent Tips

Title 11-37 - Alphabet Storybooks

Title 41 & 43 - Elmo's Magic Numbers Trailer

Title 44 - Online Bumper, Title 45-47 - Sesame Street DVD Adverts

Title 49 - Sesame Workshop Trailer

Movie Intro

Sesame Workshop 2008 widescreen EAC intro

Movie Screenshots

Take a peek at our cool gallery full of goodies you don't wanna miss with our exclusive gallery page at Elmo's Alphabet Challenge/Gallery.

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