Dance Your Cares Away is the second standalone Fraggle Rock home video release by Hit Entertainment.

Back Cover Summary

Boober Gorg:
After being hit on the head by a radish. Boober thinks he's a Gorg! Determined to protect the Gorgs' radishes, he joins forces with the giants to capture his Fraggle friends!

Blanket of Snow, Blanket of Woe:
When Mokey forgets to cover Marjory the Trash Heap before the first snowfall. Marjory freezes solid! With help from Boober and the Gorgs, Mokey keeps her promise to make things right!

Inspector Red:
Who stole the ancient Fragglehorn? Red plays deective to solve the strange and bizarre mystery. Which of the suspects is guilty? Would a guilty Fraggle let an innocent Fraggle take the rap?


Trivia Challenge Cheatsheet

If you are having trouble getting past the questions to unlock the bonus episodes, here's a walkthrough to get every answer right to achieve the so-called bonus episode for those want to see it.


  • What vegetable does Boober love?
    • Answer: Radish
  • What book is Pa Gorg reading while his wife is doing laundry?
    • Answer: Encyclopedia of Gorgish Myth and Wisdom
  • What does Junior Gorg get from his dad?
    • Answer: His good looks
  • What cat food brand does Doc give to Sprocket?
    • Answer: Little Bites
  • What is the name of Ma Gorg's mother?
    • Answer: Esmerelda
  • Where did Uncle Traveling Matt's latest postcard come from?
    • Answer: London
  • What makes Gorgish soup taste awful?
    • Answer: Greaseberry seeds
  • What does Mokey pretend to be?
    • Answer: Pepper Shaker
  • Where does Sprocket hate not going to?
    • Answer: Grocery Store
  • What did Uncle Matt lose on his little ride?
    • Answer: Toupee
  • What is the last word of the Solemn Oath?
    • Answer: Whoopee
  • After Red's accusation, what is not in Boober's room
    • Answer: The Fraggle Horn


VMGM Menus

VSTM Menus

FRDYC Fraggle Rock Music Videos


Title 1 - FBI Warnings and HIT Entertainment intro

Title 3 - Behind the Scenes - Doc & Sprocket

Title 4-5 - Fraggle Rock Music Videos

Title 6 - Fraggle Rock Quiz


FR Quiz
FR Quiz Wrong Answer 1
Wrong Answer #A
FR Quiz Wrong Answer 2
Wrong Answer #B

FR Quiz Correct Answer
Correct Answer #A
FR Quiz Correct Answer 2
Correct Answer #B

Title 7 - Fraggle Rock Animated Episode: No Fraggle is an Island

Title 8 - Pingu Has Hiccups

Movie Intro

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