Doin' Things That Doozer's Do is the 4th standalone Fraggle Rock home video release by Hit Entertainment.

Back Cover Summary

Red's Club

Red decides to start a rockin' club of her own, but what will happen when the only member she can find is Cotterpin Doozer?

The Trial of Cotterpin

Cotterpin goes on trial to save her job and must convince the other Doozers that the Fraggles are worthy of their friendship!

Cavern of Lost Dreams

It's a world of fraggley fun when Cotterpin Doozer and Gobo Fraggle embark on a quest for the original cave of the Doozers!

Scene Selections

Special Features

  • Behind the Scenes: The Doozer's
  • Fraggle Challenge! quiz game
  • Animated Episode: The Great Radish Round-up
  • Animated Episode: Lucky Fargy
  • Fraggle-oke Music Videos
  • Theatrical Trailers
  • Pingu Episode: Pingu Digs a Hole

Trivia Challenge Cheatsheet

The quiz can be challenging and sometimes impossible to pass. The bonus episode can only be unlocked by getting every question correct and here are the answers that will help you get a chance to view the bonus episode via Fraggle Challenge.


  • What color is Sprocket's food bowl?
    • Answer: Yellow
  • Which Fraggle runs through the cave tunnel?
    • Answer: Gobo
  • Which Fraggle is grabbed by Junior Gorg?
    • Answer: Gobo
  • How many panes are in the front window of Doc's workshop?
    • Answer: Four
  • What color is Sprocket's Dog License?
    • Answer: Blue
  • What kind of model is sitting on the back counter in Doc's workshop?
    • Answer: Ship
  • What name does Doc suggest for Sprocket's Dog Club?
    • Answer: The Underdog Club
  • What object is in the middle of Doc's desk?
    • Answer: Telephone
  • What construction equipment does Architect Doozer suggest Cotterpin Doozer should use?
    • Answer: Fork Lift
  • What color is the hat of the Doozer who's riding on the back of the truck?
    • Answer: Purple
  • What does Architect Doozer store under his table?
    • Answer: Rolled up plans
  • What colors are Cotterpin Doozer's boots?
    • Answer: White and Yellow
  • What is Gobo's Club doing right before Uncle Matt's Postcard is read aloud?
    • Answer: Painting Pictures
  • What is on the front of Uncle Matt's Postcard?
    • Answer: House
  • According to Uncle Matt, what does the cave do to control the Silly Creatures?
    • Answer: Ring
  • What color is the door that leads Uncle Matt into the cave tunnels?
    • Answer: Green
  • On what occasion did Pa Gorg give Ma Gorg a hanky?
    • Answer: Wedding
  • What creature escapes out of the well when Pa Gorg reaches down into it?
    • Answer: Bat
  • What color is Pa Gorg's fur?
    • Answer: Purple
  • What does Pa Gorg use to try and snag the hankey?
    • Answer: Fishing Line
  • What color is the drink on the table next to Doc?
    • Answer: Pink
  • What is Uncle Matt holding in this scene?
    • Answer: Flowers
  • Uncle Matt refers to Sprocket as "A Hairy..."?
    • Answer: Monster
  • What does Uncle Matt purpose to make concerning Doc and Sprocket?
    • Answer: Keen Observations
  • What class was Red going to attend after helping Cotterpin?
    • Answer: Aerobics
  • What does Cotterpin need to finish before she and Red can leave?
    • Answer: Bridge Survey
  • What is Cotterpin's accuser holding?
    • Answer: Binoculars
  • What sound signifies that there's a Fraggle meeting in the Great Hall?
    • Answer: Horn
  • How many 'short buttresses' will Cotterpin's bridge have?
    • Answer: Four
  • What do the jurors say?
    • Answer: Hizah Hizah
  • What are the jurors wearing?
    • Answer: Hats
  • What is the judge in the mood for when the trial begins
    • Answer: A Conviction
  • What color combination are the judge and all the trial officiers wearing?
    • Answer: White Wigs and Black Robes
  • When Cotterpin arrives, she claims she's being what?
    • Answer: Framed
  • What is NOT found in Gobo's private cave?
    • Answer: A Shovel
  • How many rungs are visible on Gobo's ladder?
    • Answer: Three
  • How many brooms are in Gobo's private cave?
    • Answer: Two
  • What is Gobo doing right before Cotterpin calls to him?
    • Answer: Reading a Book
  • What's number is posted on the building in Uncle Matt's adventure?
    • Answer: 222
  • Who did Uncle Matt first speak to?
    • Answer: Doll
  • What is the man wearing who picks up the doll?
    • Answer: Vest and Scarf
  • What does Uncle Matt fall into when he's tipped out of the chair?
    • Answer: Wire Basket

Unused Material

Everything but the silent main menu transitions to the play movie screen are skipped by a piece of source code implemented in the Fraggle Rock challenge title section.


VMGM Menus

VSTM Menus

FR DTTDD Music Video menu
Music Video Menu
DIFR Trailers Menu BGM
Trailers Menu


Title 1 & 13 - Fraggle Rock Videos Promo intro

Title 5, 14 & 15 - Closing Trailers + Pingu Digs a Hole episode

Title 6 - Behind the Scenes: Doozers

Title 8-9 - Fraggle Rock Music Videos

Title 10 - Fraggle Challenge Quiz Game

Title 11 & 12 - Fraggle Rock Animated Episodes



  • This is the first Fraggle Rock home video to have Red host the DVD's trivial challenge feature.

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