Down in Fraggle Rock is the 5th standalone Fraggle Rock home video release by Hit Entertainment.

Back Cover Summary

Boober's Dream

Boober dreams about a strange Fraggle named Sidebottom who turns out to be more than a dream.

Wembley's Egg

A giant egg from the Gorg's garden lands in the middle of Fraggle Rock, and Wembley decides to hatch it.

Red's Blue Dragon

Red Fraggle tries to follow Uncle Traveling Matt into Outer Space and finds a world that's exactly like her imaginary one - complete with a fire breathing dragon.


Special Features

  • Behind the Scenes: Traveling Matt
  • Fraggle Challenge! quiz game
  • Animated Episode: Gobo's Song
  • Animated Episode: Wembley and the Bemble
  • Fraggle Rock Music Videos
  • Hit Extras
  • Theatrical Trailers

Fraggle Challenge! clip content and leftovers

Most of the clips for the visual video question are rendered at progressive 30 frames per second. The scene for Red's swimming class at the beginning (after transiting from Doc's interior workshop to underground), however, is rendered at interlaced 60 frames per second causing the clip to play at a fluid rate like the bonus episode as part of the hour long title entry. There are 2 left over cells containing the silent "Correct Answer" that are skipped due to link commands in place done by the 8th global parameter that has a param number added by the clips for the quiz.

Trivia Challenge Cheatsheet

The quiz can be challenging and sometimes impossible to pass. The bonus episode can only be unlocked by getting every question correct and here are the answers that will help you get a chance to view the bonus episode via Fraggle Challenge.


  • How many Doozers appear in this scene?
    • Answer: 4
  • What is haning on the laundry line above Boober's head?
    • Answer: Socks
  • What color is Boober's blanket?
    • Answer: Blue
  • Which is NOT a reason given for why Boober dislikes Sidebottom?
    • He is handsome
  • In order to share a dream, Fraggles' heads must be what?
    • Answer: Touching Each Other
  • What is the punch line of Sidebottom's first joke?
    • Answer: A Nervous Wreck
  • What instrument does Sidebottom play?
    • Answer: Violin
  • What color are the feathers on Sidebottom's shoulders and wrists?
    • Answer: Green
  • What is the name of the game in this scene?
    • Answer: Fraggle Freeze
  • Which Fraggle is "it" in this game?
    • Answer: Red
  • Which Fraggle is caught first?
    • Answer: Mokey
  • Boober suggests they play something new that is described how?
    • Answer: Safe and Boring
  • What color is Red's cloak of invisibility?
    • Answer: Purple
  • Where did Gobo say Uncle Matt was coming from?
    • Answer: Outer Space
  • When describing Uncle Matt's postcards, Red uses all but which one of the following?
    • Answer: Fables
  • When describing Uncle Matt's postcards, Gobo uses all but which one of the following?
    • Answer: Truth
  • Red distracts the Dragon by throwing what object?
    • Answer: Rock
  • What does Red use to mark her arch in the cave?
    • Answer: Amulet
  • Uncle Matt is taking a nap on what?
    • Answer: Hammock
  • What does Mokey move off the rock?
    • Answer: Picnic Basket
  • What is Sprocket sitting on when the Dragon appears?
    • Answer: Barrel
  • What green object is hanging on the wall above Sprocket?
    • Answer: Water Hose
  • Doc and Sprocket mistake the Dragon for what?
    • Answer: Cat
  • What number is on Doc's football jersey?
    • Answer: 33
  • What does Red do to get the swimmer's attention?
    • Answer: Blows Whistle
  • Wembley Says he feels like all of the following except what?
    • Answer: Dull
  • Which activity is NOT featured in this scene?
    • Answer: Making Pottery
  • What does Mokey prefer in her poem?
    • Answer: Cake
  • Red is leading Fraggles to stretch their what?
    • Answer: Legs
  • How does Boober describe Wembley's life?
    • Answer: Has No Meaning
  • Which of the following is NOT required when "finding a meaning?"
    • Answer: Smile
  • What exercise are Red and the other Fraggles doing?
    • Answer: Toe Touches
  • Wembley says the egg belongs to whom?
    • Answer: Tree Creatures
  • When Wembly claims that the egg is sat on, what does Boober ask that it is?
    • Answer: A Chair
  • The Fraggles dismiss Wembley's claim that the egg is a "house for babies" because it lacks what?
    • Answer: Windows and Doors
  • Which objection is NOT raised by the Fraggles?
    • Answer: How it will learn to fly?
  • Who does Red suggest should move the egg?
    • Answer: Doozers
  • Wembley refuses to let anyone move the egg for fear the creature inside will do what?
    • Answer: Die
  • Which of the following names is Wembley called when he sits on the egg?
    • Answer: Noble
  • Which Fraggle states that Wembley "looks pretty funny?"
    • Answer: Red

Alternatively, you can also use the shortcut placed in the third VMGM Menu (which is Bonus Features) by clicking on the Wembley icon easter egg next to Boober to jump to the bonus episode without having to go through the game to get it.



VMGM Menus

VSTM Menus

DIFR Music Video Menu BGM
Music Video Menu
DIFR Trailers Menu BGM
Trailers Menu
Animal Jam Preview Menu BGM
Animal Jam Trailers Menu


Title 1 - Fraggle Rock Videos Promo intro

Title 6 - Pingu and the Doorbell

Title 7 - Behind the Scenes: Uncle Travelling Matt

Title 8-9 - Fraggle Rock Music Videos

Title 10 - Fraggle Challenge! Quiz Game

Title 11-12 - Animated Episodes

Title 13-14 - Animal Jam Trailers

VHS Opening

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