Meet the Fraggles is the Fraggle Rock video that encourages children to greet the Fraggles with episodes of fun and introductions to these creatures.

Home Video Descriptions

1993 release

It's a secret world filled with outrageously playful Muppets who love to sing, laugh, joke and do everything else that's fun!


Explore the secret world of Fraggle Rock and meet all the colourful Muppet characters who call it home!

A Friend in Need

Even though the Fraggles think Doc's dog, Sprocket, is a "monster," Gobo braves the Land of the Gorgs to help him out of a tight spot!

Enjoy all the goings-on in this on-going series.

2013 release

Dance your cares away with this collection of 6 episodes highlighting everyone's favorite fun-loving furry creatures Fraggles! Get to know Gobo, Red, Boober, Wembly and Mokey as they explore outer space, dodge the Gorgs and learn about themselves and the world around them in this silly compilation.




DVD Notes

The DVD release for the compilation happened to coexist with their 30th anniversary that was celebrated years ago and after 3 decades from the series debut.


Other covers

VHS (United States)


VMGM Menus

VSTM Menus


  • "A Friend in Need" is the only episode that does not appear on DVD under this Fraggle Rock video title, but it appears in the Complete 2nd Season DVDs of the local series.
  • Compared to the different releases of their covers, Wembley's eye irises are repositioned and Red's jaw is more wider than the one in the video's first release and the hand is behind her pony tail hairs. Every other graphics are left unchanged except for the Boober's tail that can be seen on the 2nd release from 2013 and the images for the 3 Fraggles are rotated in another angle to fit the cover for the DVD video release. For the middle part, the picture frame uses only Red Fraggle rather than a group for that release.

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