Gone with the Wind: Two-Disc 70th Anniversary Edition
Release Date 2009
Region Unknown
Distributor Warner Bros.
No. of Discs 2
Running Time 233 Minutes
Tech. Specifications Unknown
Audio English, French, Spanish
Subtitles English, French, Spanish
Bonus Material Commentary
Unused Content Unknown

Gone with the Wind: Two-Disc 70th Anniversary Edition features the 10 Academy Award winner Gone with the Wind.

Back Cover Summary:

Period romance. War epic. Family saga. Popular fiction adapted with crowd-pleasing brillance. Star acting aglow with charisma and passion. Moviemaking craft at its height. These are sublimely joined in the words Gone with the Wind. This dynamic and durable screen entertainment of the Civil War-era South comes home with the renewed splendour of a new 70th Anniversary Digital Transfer capturing a higher resolution image from Restored Picture Elements than ever before possible. David O. Selznick's monumental production of Margaret MItchell's Pulitzer's Prize-winning book can now enthrall new generations of home viewers with a majestic vibrance that befits one of Hollywood's greatest achievements.


Disc One:

  1. Overture
  2. Credits and Foreward
  3. Tarletons spill a secret
  4. Love of the land
  5. Dressing up and down
  6. Twelve Oaks
  7. Attention paid and unpaid
  8. Dreams of victory
  9. Has the war started?
  10. The proposal
  11. Widow Hamilton
  1. Atlanta bazaar
  2. Shocking the Confederacy
  3. You should be kissed 
  4. Sheer waste 
  5. Christmas furlough 
  6. Ashley's request 
  7. Belle's donation 
  8. Enough of dying 
  9. Panic in Atlanta 
  10. Awaiting invaders and a baby 
  1. The wounded 
  2. Prissy's confession 
  3. Recruiting Rhett 
  4. Atlanta burns 
  5. Kiss me... once 
  6. Twelve Oaks in ruins 
  7. Sadness at Tara 
  8. Rock bottom 
  9. I'll never be hungry again 
  10. Intermission music

Disc Two:

  1. Entr' Acte
  2. Sherman! Hard labor
  3. Yankee intruder
  4. War over
  5. Ashley returns
  6. Something to live for
  7. Pa's accident
  8. Ready to wear
  9. Appeal to Rhett
  10. Hand in men's pockets
  11. Businesswoman
  1. Shanty town attack
  2. Night vigil
  3. Return from the raid
  4. Melanie and Belle
  5. Rhett's proposal
  6. The honeymoon
  7. Bonnie Blue Butler
  8. Comfort elsewhere
  9. Doting dad
  10. The old days
  11. Our Scarlett
  1. Taking Scarlett
  2. Homesick
  3. Scarlett's fall
  4. Bonnie's accident
  5. Chronicle of grief
  6. Melanie's farewell
  7. True loves
  8. Frankly, my dear
  9. Tomorrow is another day
  10. Exit Music

Special Features:

  • Commentary with historian Rudy Behlmer

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