Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock: The Complete Final Season is a five-disc box set containing all 24 episodes of the fourth and fifth seasons. Each disc features one of the Fraggle five on it.

Back cover summary

Let the music play and complete your collection with season 4 of Fraggle Rock featuring the final 24 episodes including the touching series finale. Enjoy the Fraggle-filled musical fun with cantankerous Gorgs, the industrious Doozers and the silly creatures from "Outer Space" - Doc and Sprocket - in this 5-disc set. Experience exclusive bonus featuers such as behind-the-scenes interviews with the puppeteers, take a peek inside the final day of shooting and discover the evolution of the Fraggles' beloved toe-tappin' theme song. So save your worries for another day because you can never leave the magic of Fraggle Rock.


  1. Sidebottom's Blues
  2. Uncle Matt's Discovery
  3. Junior Faces the Music
  4. The Perfect Blue Rollie
  5. A Tune for Two
  6. A Brush with Jealousy
  7. Wembley's Flight
  8. Wonder Mountain
  1. Red's Blue Dragon
  2. Space Frog Follies
  3. Boober Gorg
  4. Mirror, Mirror
  5. The Riddle of Rhyming Rock
  6. The Voice Inside
  7. The Trial of Cottonpin Doozer
  8. The River of Life
  1. Beyond the Pond
  2. Gone But Not Forgetten
  3. Mokey, Then and Now
  4. Ring Around the Rock
  5. Inspector Red
  6. The Gorg Who Would Be King
  7. The Honk of Honks
  8. Change of Address

Special Features

  • The Inner Gorg - An interview with the performers inside the costumes
  • Designing the Puppets - An interview with the puppet makers
  • Directing the Fraggles - An interview with Eric Till and George Bloomfield
  • Let The Music Play - An interview with Phil Balsam and Dennis Lee
  • Dance Your Cares Away - The evolution of the theme song
  • You Cannot Leave The Magic - Excerpts from the last day of shooting
  • Celebrating Fraggle Rock - Excerpts from the wrap party


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