Learning Letters with Elmo
Release Date August 2, 2011
Region 1
Distributor Warner Home Video
No. of Discs 1
Running Time 1 hour and 26 seconds
Tech. Specifications Widescreen (letterboxed) and Pan and Scan (certain scenes)
Audio English
Subtitles English and Spanish
Bonus Material Monsterpiece Theatre: The King and I (Australian release only)
Theatrical Trailers
Unused Content Unknown

Learning Letters with Elmo is a 50-minute Sesame Street DVD released in 2011 focusing on the alphabet including letters "A", "I" and "J".

Backcover Summary

Elmo just loves letters! In fact, he loves the letter "J" so much he decides to change his name. Meet "Jelmo!" Not only does his name start with "J," but any activity he does have to start with "J," too! Will everyone's favorite little red monster remain "Jelmo" forever? But don't worry--Elmo's love of letters doesn't stop at "J!" He absolutely adores "The 'A' Team" with Ryan Reynolds and his imagination is ignited in "Fetch the Letter 'I'. Animation, songs, and fun film segments reinforce each letter, making learning letters with Elmo as easy as ABC!



Learning Letters with Elmo BGM

The movie's bgm for the menu and the credits


  • On the 5th menu for the Video Manager Menu, the trailers for Sesame Workshop and Ready, Set, Grover are all in one clip along with the FBI Warning. The clips were supposed to be in their individual title rather than being on a menu especially the duplicate trailer being present on disc.
  • The transition to the movie after the viewer has chosen to play the movie is a title and was meant to be a DVD menu.
  • The trailers are somehow also seen on the movie title after the movie ends as well as the promotional clip for their website at (which has not been in it's own title on disc and most others don't have this mistake).


VMGM Menus

VSTM Menus


Movie Intro


Take a peek at our cool gallery full of goodies you don't wanna miss with our exclusive gallery page at Learning Letters with Elmo/Gallery.

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