The titles are added to identify the song name and the characters who performed them. These fade in when it's the beginning or the end of the song.

The Aristocrats - Fur

The beginning here is cut from the full variant which starts with a bang before the xylophones and other instruments are played. The song about this hair type is performed by Stuie with the backup monsters including the early version of Steve D' Monster, Maurice and the early version of Harvey.

Herry Monster and Family - Herry's Family Song

Herry sings about the resemblances to his family by body part including noses, eyebrows, fur and more.

Frazzle and Friends - Frazzle

The Frazzletones sing about Frazzle's emotions with the same monsters from Fur except that the AM Monster variant of Little Chrissy was made for the music. The beginning is cut off here. At the end, the title fades in after Frazzle growls. If the ripped paper effect was placed onto the circles as part of the finalized version of the footage as seen on Elmo Says BOO!, the song title will fade in while the song's graphic effect is rotating to it's normal rotation angle and shrinking until it disappears along with the circle.

Herry and the Singing Heads - Two Heads Are Better Than One

Grover, Herry, Cookie Monster and Frazzle - Fuzzy and Blue

Furline Huskie - Comb Your Face

Furline teaches children how to comb in different areas aside from the hair while pretending they had the comb with them to clone what he does on combing a part of the body like combing noses. The title to the song comes up after he is done combing his purple fur.

Herry Monster - That Furry Blue Mommy of Mine

Cookie Monster - Healthy Food

Grover - What Do I Do When I'm Alone?

The Furtones - We Are All Monsters

Cookie Monster - C is for Cookie

One of Cookie Monster's main songs that teach children what things that start with C. This is the Fuzzy Award Winner song since Cookie Monster won the Fuzzy Awards thanks to his songs he sang in the previous productions.

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