Mutant (1982): The Darkside Collection
Release Date 2005
Region Region 2 Greece
Distributor Darkside Collection
No. of Discs 1
Running Time 78 min
Tech. Specifications Unknown
Audio English 1.0 MONO, German 1.0 MONO
Subtitles Greek
Bonus Material Unknown
Unused Content Unknown

Mutant: The Darkside Collection was released in 2005 in Greece as a part of the Darkside Collection.

Back Cover Summary

From the chaos of space comes a traveler ... very thirsty for blood! Impressive thriller directed by one of the greatest measures of the kind Roger Corman.

Special Features

  • Feature film
  • Scene access
  • Language selection
  • Greek subtitles


Mutant: The Darkside Collection DVD features the original uncut version of the 1982 classic film Mutant. It contains two languages English and German. It also contains Greek subtitles. The DVD is extremely rare even in Greece, and it's currently out of print.

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