April 2006

Chapter Selections

  1. Opening Credits/"My Little Pony Theme Song"
  2. Spike Music of the Pmbo
  3. Witches
  4. "Witches Like Me"
  5. The Show
  6. "I'II Go to Alone"
  7. The Floods Attack
  8. Here Flying
  9. Ponyland
  10. Hydie's Evil Plan
  11. The Forest
  12. The Swamp Park
  13. "I'II Do the Dirty Work"
  14. The Swamp Snake
  15. Spike Meets the Lickety Spilt
  16. The Smooze
  17. The Spring Time
  18. The Smooze Attack
  19. Lickety Spilt Meets the Spike Attacked!
  20. Hydie's Cauldron
  21. Farm Horse
  22. "A Can Stop the Smooze"
  23. Hydie Meets the Witch's sisters
  24. Megan Meets the Ponies
  25. "Once Upon a Rainbow"
  26. South America
  27. The Gigantic Cake Attack
  28. The Moonchick
  29. "Home"
  30. The Cave Of Open
  31. "Grundles' Good"
  32. The Grundles
  33. Megan Attacked the Smooze
  34. Grundles' Help
  35. "A Wishing Come True"
  36. Flying Pegasus
  37. The Monster Trees and The Giant Spider
  38. Swimming Pool
  39. Megan Attacked!
  40. Hydie and Witch's sisters floating in the hawk boat
  41. The Smooze's defeat
  42. Rainbow Attacked!
  43. Hydie and Witch's sister's defeat
  44. Lickety Spilt's Ring
  45. "Goodbye"
  46. End Credits

Song Selections

  1. My Little Pony Theme Song
  2. Witches Like Me
  3. I'II Go to Alone
  4. I'II Do the Dirty Work
  5. A Can Stop the Smooze
  6. Once Upon a Rainbow
  7. Home
  8. Grundles' Good
  9. A Wishing Come True
  10. Goodbye

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