Planet 51 is an Spanish science fiction comedy film made for alienatic adventures with Chuck Baker who lands on Planet 51 with his ship.

Back Cover Summary

When Chuck the astronaut (Dwayne Johnson) lands on a distant planet filled with little green people, he is surprised to discover that we are not alone in the galaxy. But he gets the shock of his life when the residents of Planet 51 mistakenly believe that his presence is the start of an alien invasion of the human kind! Luckily, Lem (Justin Long) quickly realizes that Chuck is friendly and makes it his personal mission to help him return safely to his ship.

Scene Selections


Special Features

  • Exclusive to Blu-ray "Target 51" Game with optional iPhone controller App download from iTunes!
  • Planetarium - The Voice Stars of Planet 51
  • Extended Scenes
  • The World of Planet 51 - Explore the Sights and Sounds of Planet 51
  • Life On Planet 51 - Behind-the-Scenes Featurette
  • Music Video Montage
  • Animation Progression Reels


DVD & Blu-ray Covers


Planet 51 confirm sound
Planet 51 select sound




Sound effects
Target51 Level1 Fire Hit
Fire Hit
Target51 Level1 Fire Miss
Fire Miss
Target51 Level1 UFO 1
UFO #1

Target51 Level1 UFO 2
UFO #2
Target51 Level1 UFO Fire
UFO Fire
Target51 Level2 Shuttle Hit
Shuttle Hit

Target51 Level3 Explosion 1
Explosion #1
Target51 Level3 Explosion 2
Explosion #2
Target51 Level3 Fire


Digital Copy resources

VSTM Menus

DVD Jacket

Planet 51 Digital Copy Jacket


  • On the Ship landing Animation Progression Reel scene featurette, Eckle's mother's legs, thighs, pudendal cleft, pubic mound and the outer labia can be seen when Eckle is viewing the comic book on the pre-animation shown on the top left. These frontal genitalia parts revealed in that moment are present on the featurette (which are originally not meant to be shown). This is likely because the skirt is missing from the alien woman even though the button to it is still visible.

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