Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie

Chapter Selections

  1. Main Title/Roo's Halloween Day
  2. Roo See Lumpy is Trick 'n' Treat
  3. Rabbit's Teacher Halloween Party
  4. "Spooky of Scare"
  5. Tigger Get The Lumpy
  6. Roo and Lumpy's Treats Shelf
  7. "Brave Together"
  8. Roo and Lumpy Gabloon see for Skeleton Island
  9. Roo and Lumpy Gabloon on a log-cave of Bats
  10. Skeleton Island
  11. The Monster Tree!
  12. Roo and Lumpy Gabloon is Scared in a log
  13. Roo and Lumpy Gabloon's Dreaming
  14. Pooh is a Tigger Spooky Fun
  15. Pooh & Friends is a Bees Is Running
  16. Rabbit's Garden
  17. Tigger see to Spooky
  18. Piglet's Runs/Roo and Lumpy Gabloon's Look
  19. Roo's Voice Story of Piglet's Runs is Stops
  20. Pooh & Friends Ghosts
  21. Tigger's Trucks/"Scare Myself"
  22. Pooh & Friends Ghosts Runs & Gopher as a carton
  23. Run to Icetpref Ride
  24. Roo and Lumpy Gabloon bescuit is a Eagle
  25. Piglet see the Eeyore Halloween Day
  26. Pooh & Friend is Rells is Lumpy Gabloon
  27. Trick 'n' Treat
  28. "Spooky of Scare (Reprise)"
  29. End Credits

Extra Features

  • Trick Or Re-Treat
  • Pass the Pumpkin
  • Pooh's Boo! Bingo
  • Heffalump Halloween Party Planner

Set Up

  • Languages: 5.1 English, French, Spanish
  • Subtitles: English, French, Spanish
  • Register Your DVD

Sneak Peeks

  • Bear Big Blue House
  • Kit's Circus
  • Cinderella: Special Edition

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