Sesame Street: 40 Years of Sunny Days is a Sesame Street DVD set released on November 10, 2009, to celebrate the show's 40th Anniversary.

Disc 1: Seasons 1-20

Season 1
  1. "Sesame Street Open"
  2. "Henson #1 Song"
  3. "Rubber Duckie"
  4. "I Love Trash"
  5. Batman Around/Up/Through
  6. "If I Knew You Were Coming"
  7. "Bein' Green"
Season 2
  1. Bert & Ernie: Banana in Ear
  2. "Henson Queen of Six"
  3. "Mad Song"
  4. Sorting Song With Cookie Monster
Season 3
  1. Mad Painter #5
  2. "Bienvenido Song"
  3. "Lady Bug Picnic"
Season 4
  1. Herry & John-John Count
  2. Talking Loud / Talking Soft
  3. Remembering Bread, Milk, Butter
  4. Kermit News: Sleeping Beauty
  5. Bert & Ernie: Bert's Bust
Season 5
  1. "Fat Cat"
  2. O-Orange Man
  3. Lena Horne: "How Do You Do?"
  4. "Doin' the Pigeon"
Season 6
  1. Super Grover: Exit
  2. Typewriter: N-Nose
  3. Invisible Ice Cream
Season 7
  1. "Pinball Animation #7"
Season 8
  1. "People in Your Neighborhood"
Season 9
  1. Fonzie on/off/on
  2. Clips From Hawaii
  3. I-Beam
Season 10
  1. Telly Plugs in (Telly's first appearance)
Season 11
  1. Star Wars: "One You Go Beep"
  2. Kermit News: Foot Snuggies (with Dr. Nobel Price)
  3. Geometry of Circles (with music by Philip Glass)
  4. Monsterpiece Theater: Me Claudius
  5. Martians: Radio
  6. "Me Lost Me Cookie at the Disco"
Season 12
  1. "Hello Hello Hello Song"
  2. Dancing Dog Imagines
  3. Two-Headed Monster: Telephone
  4. Bring Your Own Can Night
  5. Mister Rogers Returns
Season 13
  1. Making Crayons
  2. Diana Ross: "Believe in Yourself"
  3. Bert & Ernie: Fish Call Quiet/Loud
  4. Madeline Kahn: "Friendship Song"
Season 14
  1. "Honker Duckie Dinger Jamboree"
  2. James Taylor: "Jellyman Kelly"
  3. Bert & Ernie: Snowman
  4. "We All Sing the Same Song"
Season 15
  1. Teeny Little Super Guy: School
  2. Just Because (Big Bird comes to terms with Mr. Hooper's death)
Season 16
  1. "Peanut Butter Factory Song"
  2. Smokey Robinson: "U Really Got a Hold on Me"
Season 17
  1. Elmo's Make Believe Trip
  2. "Batty Bat Song"
  3. Snuffy Is Seen
Season 18
  1. "Put Down the Duckie"
  2. "Sing Your Synonyms"
Season 19
  1. Pee Wee Herman's Alphabet
  2. Maria and Luis Get Married
  3. "African Alphabet"
Season 20
  1. OOOO-Klahoma!
  2. Meet the Baby (Gabriela is born)

Disc 1 Bonus Features

  • "Behind the Street" featurettes, which play when clicking the "enter" button when the Sesame Street logo appears on-screen, or can all be viewed all together by selecting "Play All".
    • An interview with Jon Stone on research and curriculum, and the barriers the show broke.
    • An interview with legendary puppeteer Caroll Spinney on Oscar the Grouch.
    • Behind-the-Scenes footage on Dr. Nobel Price.
    • Behind-the-Scenes rehearsal footage on "The Hello Hello Hello Song", "Two-Headed Monster: Telephone", "Bring Your Own Can Night", "The Honker-Duckie-Dinger Jamboree", "Friendship Song", and "Bert and Ernie: Snowman".
    • An interview with Kevin Clash on the creation of Elmo.
  • Easter Egg: One minute panning shot of the Street set from Big Bird's nest to the Fix-It Shop.
  • Fan Favorite Clip - Bert and Ernie: String Tied
  • TV Montage
  • On-screen pop-up facts
  • DVD Rom Feature: 189 pages of 40 years of credits in PDF format.

Disc 2: Seasons 21-40

Season 21
  1. Monsterpiece Theater: King and I
  2. AlphaQuest: Letter R
  3. "Monster in the Mirror"
  4. "Elmo's Song"
  5. Grover's Restaurant: Most Important Meal
Season 22
  1. Cecille the Ball: "I'm Gonna Get to You"
Season 23
  1. Does Air Move Things?
  2. "What's the Name of That Song?"
Season 24
  1. Ooh What a Fabulous Party
Season 25
  1. Marilyn Horne: "C Is for Cookie"
Season 26
  1. Arrested Development: "Pride"
  2. Dance Theater of Harlem: Five Birds
  3. Luxo Jr.: Front/Back
  4. "My Name Is Zoe"
  5. "B Is for Bubble"
Season 27
  1. The Spin Doctors: "Two Princes"
Season 28
  1. Fay Family: To Market
Season 29
  1. Tony Bennett: "Slimey to the Moon"
  2. "Count Me In"
Season 30
  1. Patti LaBelle: "Gospel Alphabet"
Season 31
  1. The Goo Goo Dolls: "Pride"
  2. Celebrity "Sing"
Season 32
  1. Robert De Niro: The Actor Prepares
  2. My Nest, My Home
  3. Elmo's World Games: Mr. Noodle
Season 33
  1. "Bird on Me"
  2. Destiny's Child: "A New Way to Walk"
  3. Fire on the Street
Season 34
  1. "ABC Hip Hop"
Season 35
  1. TJ: "Me and My Chair" Song
  2. Elmo's World: Lord of the Feet
  3. Six Feet Under
Season 36
  1. Alicia Keys: "Dancin'"
  2. "A Cookie is a Sometime Food"
Season 37
  1. Abby's Arrival
  2. Matt Lauer Interviews Cookie Monster
  3. Law & Order Special Letters Unit
Season 38
  1. Can't Say the Alphabet Enough
  2. I Love Every Part of You
Season 39
  1. Feist: "1234"
  2. The Golden Triangle of Destiny
  3. David Beckham: Persistent
  4. Plain White T's
  5. Neil Patrick Harris: The Shoe Fairy
  6. Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures: Penguin
Season 40
  1. "Guess the Seasons Song"
  2. D-Dance

Disc 2 Bonus Features

  • Behind the Street featurette, including:
    • Leslie Carrara-Rudolph and Jason Weber talk about the creation of Abby Cadabby.
    • Behind-the-scenes rehearsal footage of "Guess The Seasons" and "D-Dance".
    • Green screen passes of Elmo and other characters, for "Lord of the Feet" and "D-Dance".
  • Bonus Behind-the-Street featurette, including:
    • Production meeting discussion and rehearsal for Episode 1755, featuring Oscar and Othmar the Grouch.
    • Interviews with Roscoe Orman and Jim Henson.
  • An on-screen pop-up feature with facts about Sesame Street.
  • Sneak Peek: Abby's Flying Fairy School -- "Cinderella" episode
  • TV Montage
  • Easter Egg: Four and a half minute high speed montage of building the Sesame Street set.
  • Link to online DVD bonus.
  • DVD-ROM: 189 pages of credits of 40 seasons of Sesame Street in PDF format.


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