Sesame Street: Old School, Volume 1 is a 2006 three-disc DVD set collecting episodes and skits from the first five seasons of Sesame Street (1969-1974). Old School is marketed as a nostalgia set, aimed at teenagers and adults who remember the series from their childhood.

The three discs contain the season premieres of each of the first five seasons of the show (episodes 0001, 0131, 0276, 0406 and 0536), plus an additional 54 bonus sketches grouped by season. The total running time is over seven hours. A 16-page booklet is also included. The set contains four slight alterations to the episodes because of rights issues. In three of the cases, Sesame Workshop added replacement material in place of the cut material in order to compensate for them.

Each of the complete episodes is preceded by a newly produced animated segment in which a character named Bob begins to introduce the episode and is interrupted by an off-screen, elderly-sounding character telling him to stop talking and show the episode. Prior to the start of Episode 0001, the animated character reads a disclaimer for parents stating that "these early Sesame Street episodes are intended for grownups and may not suit the needs of today's preschool child".

The set was followed by volumes 2 and 3, consisting of material from the subsequent ten years of the program.


Disc 1:

  • Episode 0001
  • Original Sales Pitch Reel
  • Season 1 Classic Cuts
  1. Bein' Green
  2. Rubber Duckie
  3. Counting with James Earl Jones
  5. I Love Trash
  6. Alphabet with Jackie Robinson
  7. Batman Crosses the Street
  8. Swinging Gibbon
  9. Big Bird Meets Little Bird
  10. Alphabet with Lou Rawls
  11. I’ve Got Two
  12. Alphabet Soup
  13. Season 1 Credit Crawl


  • Episode 0131
  • Season 2 Classic Cuts
  1. King of Eight
  2. Over, Under, Around, and Through
  3. S – Superman
  4. Astronaut Drawing
  5. Listen, My Brother: Counting
  6. I Love Being a Pig
  7. Season 2 Credit Crawl
  • Episode 0276
  • Season 3 Classic Cuts
  1. C is for Cookie
  2. Ladybug Picnic
  3. Martians Telephone
  4. Mumford’s Magic Trick
  5. Alligator King
  6. J Friends
  7. A Special Day with Bert and Ernie
  8. “I am Somebody” with Jesse Jackson
  9. Would You Like to Buy an O
  10. Harvey Kneeslapper with Mirror
  11. Breathing Song with Animals
  12. I in the Sky
  13. My Favorite Letter: P
  14. My Martian Beauty
  15. Mad Painter
  16. Season 3 Credit Crawl


  • Episode 0406
  • Season 4 Classic Cuts
  1. Kermit News with Rapunzel
  2. Bread, Milk and Butter
  3. Lost Paper Clips with Bert and John-John
  4. Witches Cooperate
  5. Song of the Count
  6. Bert’s Bust
  7. First and Last with Beetle Bailey
  8. Season 4 Credit Crawl
  • Episode 0536
  • Season 5 Classic Cuts
  1. At the Movies with Ernie and Bert
  2. Nasty Dan and Johnny Cash
  3. Prairie Dawn’s Pageant
  4. Going to the Zoo
  5. Jazz Alphabet
  6. Hamburger Bun Factory
  7. Madrigal Alphabet
  8. Three Wishes
  9. Super Grover: Telephone Booth
  10. Season 5 Credit Crawl


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