Sesame Street: Old School, Volume 2 is a DVD set collecting episodes and skits from the early seasons of Sesame Street, released in 2007.

This set is a follow-up to the first installment, which was released in 2006. The Old School sets are marketed as a nostalgia set, aimed at teenagers and adults who remember the series from their childhood. This set contains a 12-page booklet with behind-the-scenes information and photos, and a special collectible animation cel from "Pinball Number Count."

Each episode features a special introduction by the Typewriter.

Mark M. Magner designed all packaging, disc labels, booklet and premium animation cel.

A third volume followed some five years later.


Disc 1

  • Episode 0666
  • Original Test Pilot
  • Season 6 Classic Cuts
  1. Telephone Rock
  2. Richard Pryor: Alphabet
  3. Here Is Your Life: Loaf of Bread
  4. Arthur Ashe: Over and Under
  5. Don Music writes "Mary Had a Bicycle"
  6. The Pointer Sisters' Swinging Alphabet
  7. Super Grover: Stopping a Fight
  8. Henson Ball High Wire #3
  9. "The Subway"
  10. Jose Feliciano: Arroz Con Leche
  11. Chicken Hatchling
  12. Sesame Street News: Jack Be Nimble
  13. Helen Reddy: Grow
  14. Broom Adventures
  15. City/Country song
  16. Season 6 Credit Crawl
  • Easter Egg
  1. Bumble Ardy's Birthday Party

Disc 2

  • Episode 0796
  • Season 7 Classic Cuts
  1. Pinball Number Count #4
  2. Kermit and the Weather Salesman
  3. Buffy Sainte-Marie: "Wynkin Blynkin & Nod"
  4. Don Music: Yankee Doodle
  5. Alone Song
  6. Marshal Grover: Away From
  7. Grover Invents the Wheel
  8. Follow the Leader
  9. Pinball Number Count Remix #1-12
  10. Season 7 Credit Crawl
  • Episode 0926
  • Season 8 Classic Cuts
  1. Cookie Disco
  2. Paul Simon: Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard
  3. All Out of Food
  4. Lobster Fisherman
  5. Dog Flea Camp
  6. Bert's Physical
  7. Two Doors With Bob
  8. Swamp Mushy Muddy
  9. Season 8 Credit Crawl
  • Easter Egg
  1. Animation: A little girl plans what she's going to wear in the snow tomorrow.

Disc 3

  • Episode 1056
  • Season 9 Classic Cuts
  1. It Feels Good When You Sing a Song
  2. Bert & Ernie: Slice of Life
  3. Ray Charles: I Got a Song
  4. Fonzie & Cunningham: Brushing Teeth
  5. Taxi Sounds
  6. School Pageant: Seasons
  7. Sing After Me with Madeline Kahn and Grover
  8. Fireworks Alphabet
  9. The Ten Commandments of Health
  10. Season 9 Credit Crawl
  • Episode 1186
  • Season 10 Classic Cuts
  1. ABC Disco
  2. Kermit Casting Director
  3. Imagination: Dogs
  4. Llama at Dentist Song
  5. Bert Teaches Pigeon Checkers
  6. Lost Dog Flyer
  7. My Favorite Number Is 6
  8. Old West: Letter Y Box of Crayons
  9. Season 10 Credit Crawl
  • Easter Egg:
  1. Boy gets lost and meets the Yo-Yo guy


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