Sesame Street: Old School: Volume 3 is a Sesame Street DVD released on November 6, 2012. Following two previous volumes which included the season premieres from seasons one to ten (1969 to 1979), this box set includes the season premieres from seasons eleven through fifteen (1979 to 1984). Bonus features include "classic cuts" from the 1979 to 1984 seasons plus behind-the-scenes footage.


"Back by popular demand, it's our third installment in the Old School series, covering 1979-1984. In this set you'll see your Sesame Street friends on and off the Street! Remember when everyone surprised Maria in Puerto Rico for her birthday? Or when Snuffy and Gordon ran the New York City marathon? Bonus DVD extras like never-before-seen behind-the-scenes footage will prove that we're still kicking it old school!"

DVD Features

Disc 1

  • Episode 1316
  • Episode 1446
  • Episode 1576
  • Audio Commentary on Episode 1316 by Sonia Manzano
  • Season 11 Classic Cuts:
  1. Letter B (Beetles)
  2. Born to Add
  3. Disco Frog
  4. Star Wars: I Say Banana
  5. Weather Around the World
  • Season 12 Classic Cuts:
  1. Cookie Monster & Kermit
  2. Big Hello 1-20
  3. Dr. Nobel Price's Talky Stick
  4. Wavin' Goodbye
  5. Dancin' Dog's Shadow
  • Season 13 Classic Cuts:
  1. Reading Lesson
  2. Rainy Day Song
  3. Snowflakes
  4. Proud to Be a Cow
  5. Dance Myself to Sleep

Disc 2

  • Episode 1706
  • Episode 1836
  • Season 14 Classic Cuts:
  1. Grover the Singing Waiter
  2. Teeny Little Super Guy
  3. We All Sing the Same Song
  4. In The Rain
  5. Frogs in the Glen
  • Season 15 Classic Cuts:
  1. Henson Ball #3
  2. Trash Outta Heaven
  3. In/Out with Barkley
  4. Cooperation Song
  5. Exercise with Grover
  • Behind-the-Scenes:
  1. Dr. Nobel Price: "Umbrella"
  2. Behind the Scenes: "Birdwatchers"
  3. Filming of "The Singing Waiter"
  4. Filming of "Exercise with Grover"
  • "Goodbye, Mr. Hooper" excerpt
  • Exclusive interview with Caroll Spinney
  • On-screen storybook of How to Be a Grouch
  • 28-Page Booklet
  • Easter egg: Time-lapse video of Louis Henry Mitchell drawing a full-color mural drawing of Big Bird (highlight "Filming of 'Exercise with Grover'" and then press up until an outline of Big Bird appears)


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