Shark Tale
Shark Tale 4x3 cover
Release Date Feburary 8, 2005
Region 1
Distributor Dreamworks Animation
No. of Discs 1
Running Time Movie: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Club Oscar: 3 minutes and 36 seconds
Tech. Specifications Full-screen and Widescreen (seperately sold)
Audio English, French and Spanish
Subtitles Same as audio, but also with closed captions
Bonus Material Unknown
Unused Content Unknown

Shark Tale is a 2004 computer animated film made by Dreamworks Animation.

Back cover summary

A comic catch from the studio that brought you Shrek, Shark Tale is a hilarious hit and a wonderful under-the sea adventure for movie lovers of all ages!

Oscar (Will Smith), a lowly tounge-scrubber at the local Whale Wash, becomes an improbable hero when he tells a great white lie. To keep his secret, Oscar teams up with an outcast vegetarian shark, Lenny (Jack Black), and the two become the most unlikely of friends. When his life begins to unravel, it's up to Oscar's loyal friend Angie (Renee Zellweger) and Lenny to help him stand up to the most feared shark in the water (Robert De Niro) and find his true place in the reef.


Beyond30DVDtitles This DVD contains more than 30 titles present on disc. This disc title has 77 titles, please go to this subsection for a gallery of DVD titles present on disc.

Sneak Peaks

  1. Madagascar
  2. Wallace and Gromit the Curse of the Were Rabbit

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