Snoopy! The Musical is the 31st animated TV special based on the Peanuts comic strip. It was an adaptation of the musical Snoopy!!! The Musical, and originally aired on the CBS network in 1988.

The special features a series of vignettes strung together along with a song in each vignette that involves various members of the gang.

The songs include "Don't Be Anything Less Than Everything You Can Be", "Snoopy’s Song", "Edgar Allan Poe", "I Know Now", "The Vigil", "Clouds", "The Great Writer", "Poor Sweet Baby", "The Big Bow-Wow" and "Just One Person".

Back Cover Summary

The songs are irresistible. And so is the dog!

Take a bow and leave us the wow, Snoopy! You're the Big Bow Wow, the top dog, the star among stars (sorry, Charlie Brown) of Snoopy The Musical, a song-filled, gag-packed, dog's-eye view of the Peanuts pals. Day in and day out, everyone's favorite beagle looks upon the world from atop his doghouse. It's usually a sit-up, lie-down, roll-over, play-dead world. Snoopy, however, is not your usual dog. Enough stupid dog tricks! This precocious pooch wants to kick up his paws and dance, go to school, write the world's greatest novel, play shortstop, hang out with that round-headed kid, see faces in the clouds, gaze at stars and much more. Whatever, this dog wants to do, he does!

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