South Park Bigger, Longer & Uncut: Widescreen DVD Collection
Southparkblu dvd
Release Date 1999
Region Unknown
Distributor Paramount
No. of Discs 1
Running Time 81 Minutes
Tech. Specifications Widescreen
Audio English Dolby Digital, English & French Dolby Surround
Subtitles English
Bonus Material Trailers
Unused Content Unknown

South Park Bigger, Longer & Uncut: Widescreen DVD Collection features the animated film South Park Bigger, Longer & Uncut.

Back cover summary

Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman sneak into an R-rated movie and it warps their fragile little minds. Soon their indignant parents declare war on Canada and our young heroes are America's last hope to stop Armageddon.

Scene Selections

  1. "Mountain Town"
  2. Asses of Fire / "Uncle Sucka"
  3. The Kids Will Ice Skating ("Wendy's Song")
  4. Fragile Little Minds
  5. World News
  6. The Foul Word ("It's Easy, Mmmkay")
  7. "Oh, My God. They Killed Kenny!"
  8. Heaven And Hell
  9. America Has Government ("Blame Canada")
  10. Partners In Evil
  11. "Kyle's Mon a Bitch"
  12. The V-Chip
  13. The March of War
  14. Throw Me Out ("What Would Brian Boitano Do?")
  15. The Seventh Sign
  16. Try To Stop Them ("Up There")
  17. The Meeting ("La Resistance")
  18. Saddam Is From Mars, Satan Is From Venus
  19. The Mole
  20. "I Can Change"
  21. The USO Show
  22. "I'm Super"
  23. Throw The Switch
  24. Blood Of The Innocent
  25. Kenny's Wish / "Mountain Town" (Reprise)
  26. End Credits

Special Features

2 Music Videos

Three theatrical trailers

TV Spots

Image Gallery