SpongeBob SquarePants: Sea Stories is a DVD and VHS release of the 1999 American animated TV show SpongeBob SquarePants. The DVD contains 9 episodes plus a bonus episode, whereas the VHS has 5 episodes.


  • "Gary takes a Bath"

Back cover episode description:

"It's time for Gary's bath, But he doesn't want to take one. SpongeBob tries everything to get him in the tub, but Gary refuses to go. Gary winds up luring SpongeBob outside where SpongeBob falls into a mud puddle. Guess who needs a bath now!"
  • "Hooky"
Back cover episode description:
"Patrick introduces SpongeBob to the adventure of riding "The Hooks" (dropped from above by fishermen) and then jumping off. Mr. Krabs just hopes his tales of sea creatures winding up in gift shops or packed cans will convince SpongeBob to keep away."
  • "Life of Crime"
Back cover episode description:
"Mr. Krabs Tells SpongeBob and Patrick that it's okay to borrow things if you plan to return them. So the two "borrow" a balloon from the balloon man and accidentally pop it! Realizing they can't return it, SpongeBob and Patrick go on the lam to avoid jail."
  • "Pickles" (DVD only0
  • "No Free Rides" (DVD only)
  • "Sailor Mouth" (DVD only)
  • "No Weenies Allowed" (DVD only)
  • "Jellyfish Jam" (DVD only)
  • "The Algae's Always Greener" (DVD only)


  • "Shanghaied"
  • Is considered a bonus episode on DVD only, is a normal episode with the VHS.

Bonus Features

  • "Shanghaied" with 3 alternate endings (SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward's endings)
  • "SpongeBob Dancin' Pants" music video
  • "Revenge of the Flying Dutchman" video game hints and tips


  • The episode "Gary Takes A Bath" was released on this DVD a year before it even aired on television on July 26, 2003.

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