Malibu Timmy is a coastal episode of the series where Timmy and his friends go on a vacation to the beach.

Back Cover Summary

Surf's up dudes and dudettes! Grab your shades, catch a wave, and dive into adventure! Everybody's up for fun in the sun; even the clouds are taking the day off, and Timmy's sporting his going-to-the-beach bow tie. There's just one small problem to dampen his spirits: Timmy doesn't know how to swim, and he's afraid if he tells his Flossmore Valley pals, he'll be all washed up. But the tide turns when he dreams he's "Malibu Timmy," super lifeguard at the "First Annual Invitational Guys and Girls Who CAN Swim Surfing Contest." Even the drippy Cavity Goon's there, trying to cheat his way into first place. Get ready for waves of excitement as Timmy discovers the first rule of learning to swim is "Let's have fun!"

In this splashy, song-filled adventure, children see that it's O.K. to admin you don't know how to swim. Once you do, you can have a great time learning!


Timmy The Tooth Malibu Timmy Going to the beach
Good Day for the Beach (in-movie version)
Timmy The Tooth Malibu Timmy If I Could Only Swim
If I could only swim
Timmy The Tooth Malibu Timmy I'm a Cheater
I'm a cheater
Timmy The Tooth Malibu Timmy Going to beach end

Good Day for the Beach (credits version)


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