Spooky Tooth is a halloween episode for The Adventures of Timmy the Tooth where they enter the rare pyramids with ancient tombs, mummies and a magic book. The title for the series is also based on the english rock band formed in the late 60's.

Back Cover Summary

Timmy and Brushbrush are getting ready for a big Flossmore Valley dress-up party when Bubbles invites them to join her on a visit to the 3,027 year-old Tooth Uncommon Pyramids! So, armed with the flashlights and a map, they begin their "splendiferous" adventure: a twisty, turny, upsy-dazey peek into the wonders of the past. Along the way they meet funny friends like "Rodney the Riddler" and "Mumfred the Mummy", and soon, a secret door leads them to the mystical, ancient books of the Uncommon Library where they meet the great King Tooth himself! Now, with a little help from their new pals, Timmy, Brushbrush and Bubbles may just get home in time for the party!

In this delightful, song-filled adventure, children learn that the dark can actually be fun, and that when you're lost, you should always find someone in charge.


Spooky Tooth Let's Play Dress Up


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TAOTTT ST Back Cover


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