The Brave Little Toaster To the Rescue

DVD Released

  • August 22, 2004


  • Fullscreen

Scene Selections

  1. Main Titles / One More Week
  2. The House with the Veterinary Animals
  3. Remember That Day
  4. No File Exists
  5. A Very Frightening Place
  6. Rob loses his Job
  7. Lampy's Escape
  8. Tap to the Super Highway
  9. Trouble with the Job
  10. Ratso's Plan
  11. Old Wittgenstein
  12. Chomp and Munch
  13. WFC 11-12-55
  14. Wittgenstein Dies
  15. Fix It
  16. To the Rescue
  17. Hang in There Kid
  18. End Credits

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