The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy
Lotr steelbox
Release Date 2004
Region Unknown
Distributor Alliance Atlantis
No. of Discs 6
Running Time 2 hours 58 minutes (The Fellowship of the Ring), 2 hours 59 minutes (The Two Towers), 3 hours 20 minutes (The Return of the King),
Tech. Specifications Widescreen
Audio English Dolby 5.1
Subtitles English, French, Closed Captions
Bonus Material Featurettes, Trailers, TV spots, Previews
Unused Content Unknown

The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy is a six-disc collector's edition set stored in a steelbook.

The Fellowship of the Ring film disc has image of Frodo with the ring in his hand on it and the special features disc has an image of the text on the ring on it. The Two Towers film disc has image of Isengard on it and the special features disc has an Mount Doom on it. Return of the King film disc has image of Aragorn on it and the special features disc has an image of Frodo on it.

Back cover summary

Middle-earth is brought to life in the original theatrical versions of Academy Award-winning director Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings motion picture trilogy. Relive the journey with this Collector's Edition Steelbook. Each film is a complete 2-disc set with the original Widescreen Version on Disc 1 and in-depth Special Features on Disc 2.


The Fellowship of the Ring

  1. Prologue: One Ring to Rule Them All...
  2. The Shire
  3. Very Old Friends
  4. A Long-expected Party
  5. Farewell Dear Bilbo
  6. Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe
  7. The Account of Isilidur
  8. The Shadow of the Past
  9. Saruman the White
  10. A Shortcut to Mushrooms
  11. Bucklebury Ferry
  12. At the Sign of the Prancing Pony
  13. The Nazgûl
  1. The Spoiling of Isengard
  2. A Knife in the Dark
  3. The Caverns of Isengard
  4. Flight to the Ford
  5. Rivendell
  6. Many Meetings
  7. The Fate of the Ring
  8. The Sword That Was Broken
  9. The Evenstar
  10. The Council of Elrond
  11. Biblo's Gifts
  12. The Ring Goes South
  13. The Pass of Caradhras
  14. Moria
  1. A Journey in the Dark
  2. Balin's Tomb
  3. The Bridge of Khazad-Dum
  4. Lothlórien
  5. The Mirror of Galadriel
  6. The Fighting Uruk-hai
  7. Farewell to Lórien
  8. The Great River
  9. Parth Galen
  10. The Breaking of the Fellowship
  11. The Departure of Boromir
  12. The Read Goes Ever On...
  13. Credits

The Two Towers

  1. The Foundations of Stone
  2. The Taming of Sméagol
  3. The Uruk-hai
  4. The Three Hunters
  5. The Burning of the Westfold
  6. The Banishment of Éomer
  7. On the Trail of the Uruk-hai
  8. Night Camp at Fangorn
  9. The Riders of Rohan
  10. Traces of Merry and Pippin
  11. Treebeard
  12. The Passage of the Marshes
  13. The White Rider
  14. Fangorn Forest
  15. The Black Gate is Closed
  16. The King of the Golden Hall
  17. Simbelmynë on the Burial Mounds
  1. The King's Decision
  2. A Daughter of Kings
  3. Exodus from Edoras
  4. The Forests of Ithilien
  5. Gollum and? Sméagol
  6. Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit
  7. Dwarf Women
  8. The Evenstar
  9. The Wolves of Isengard
  10. Helm's Deep
  11. Isengard Unleashed
  12. The Grace of the Valar
  13. Arwen's Fate
  14. The Story Foreseen from? Lórien
  15. The Window on the West
  16. The Forbidden Pool
  17. Aragorn's Return
  1. Entmoot
  2. The Glittering Caves
  3. “Where is the Horse and the Rider?”
  4. The Host of the Eldar
  5. The Battle of the Hornburg
  6. Old Entish
  7. Osgiliath
  8. The Last March of the Ents
  9. The? Nazgûl? Attack
  10. Forth Eorlingas
  11. The Flooding of Isengard
  12. The Tales That Really Mattered...
  13. “The Battle for Middle-earth is about to Begin”
  14. Gollum's Plan
  15. End Credits

The Return of the King

  1. The Finding of the Ring
  2. Journey to the Cross-roads
  3. The Road to Isengard
  4. Return to Edoras
  5. Gollum's Villainy
  6. The Palantir
  7. Arwen's Vision
  8. The Reforging of Narsil
  9. Minas Tirith
  10. “The Deep Breath Before the Plunge”
  11. Minas Morgul
  12. “The Board is Set...”
  13. Osgiliath Invaded
  14. The Lighting of the Beacons
  15. Theoden's Decision
  16. The Fall of Osgiliath
  17. The Stairs of Cirith Ungol
  18. Allegiance to Denethor
  19. The Parting of Sam and Frodo
  20. The Sacrifice of Faramir
  21. Marshalling at Dunharrow
  1. Andúril – Flame of the West
  2. Aragorn Takes the Paths of the Dead
  3. “No More Despair”
  4. Dwimorberg – The Haunted Mountain
  5. The Muster of Rohan
  6. The King of the Dead
  7. The Siege of Gondor
  8. Shelob's Lair
  9. Grond – The Hammer of the Underworld
  10. The Tomb of the Stewards
  11. Breaking the Gate of Gondor
  12. The Choices of Master
  13. Samwise Denethor's Madness
  14. The Ride of the Rohirrim
  15. The Pyre of Denethor
  16. The Battle of the Pelemore Fields
  17. “A Far Green Country”
  18. The Nazgûl and His Prey
  1. The Black Ships
  2. Shieldmaiden of Rohan
  3. Victory at Minas Tirith
  4. The Passing of Theoden
  5. Oaths Fulfilled
  6. The Tower of Cirith Ungol
  7. The Last Debate
  8. The Land of Shadow
  9. The Black Gate Opens
  10. “I Can't Carry It for You... But I Can Carry You”
  11. The Last Move
  12. Mount Doom
  13. “The Eagles are Coming!”
  14. The Crack of Doom
  15. Sauron Defeated
  16. The End of All Things
  17. The Fellowship Reunited
  18. The Return of the King
  19. Homeward Bound
  20. The Grey Havens
  21. End Credits

Special Features

The Fellowship of the Ring featurettes

  • Welcome to Middle-Earth
  • Quest for the Ring
  • A Passage to Middle-Earth
  • Exploring the Locales and Cultures of Middle-Earth
  • Ringwraiths: The Fallen Kings
  • Rivendell: The Elven Refuge
  • Languages of Middle-Earth
  • Two Wizards
  • Music of Middle-Earth
  • Interviews of Elijah Wood, Viggo Mortensen, Orlando Bloom, Cate Blanchett, Liv Tyler, and Ian McKellen
  • Wethertop: The Windy Hill
  • Behind-the-Scenes preview of The Two Towers

The Two Towers featurettes

  • On The Set - The Two Towers
  • The Long and Short of It - A Short Film Directed by Sean Astin
  • The Making of The Long and Short of It
  • Take a Closer Look at the People and Places of Middle-Earth
  • Designing the Sounds of Middle-Earth
  • Edoras: The Rohan Capital
  • Creatures of Middle-Earth
  • Gandalf the White
  • Arms and Armors
  • The Battle of Helm's Deep
  • Bringing Gollum to Life
  • Behind-the-Scenes preview of The Return of the King

The Return of the King featurettes

  • A Director's Vision
  • A Filmmaker's Journey: Making The Return of the King
  • National Geographical Special: The Return of the King
  • Take a Closer Look at the People and Places of Middle-Earth
  • Aragorn's Destiny
  • Minas Tirith: Capital of Gondor
  • The Battle of Pelennor Fields
  • Samwise the Brave
  • Eowyn: White Lady of Rohan
  • Digital Horse Doubles
  • The Lord of the Rings trilogy supertrailer

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